What is your Y-Kid Fashion?

Kentucky YMCA Media Corps
1 min readDec 6, 2021

By: Alivia Shepherd

For KYA 2021, delegates have introduced the many trends of fashion into their business wear. With KYA last year being virtual, this brings many refreshing changes. One of the most popular choices for business casual shoes for women was Doc Martens. While many people can argue that this is not an acceptable footwear for business casual, it can be dressed up easily. Wearing these shoes with dress pants and jeans makes a perfect outfit for the first day.

Another popular choice this year was neutral colors. Black, white, grey and brown are very muted, which most people wore, and stands as a staple for many Y-Kids. Very few wore bright colors such as pink, red or blue. Even though this is a great choice for professional wear, if you are looking for a way to stand out and get attention — like our presiding officers in their all red outfits — definitely look into wearing bright business clothes.

An additional choice for business professionals for women is a simple blazer over their dress. This was an interesting choice due to many women having usually just worn dresses the past few KYA. However this year, adding a nice blazer over top of the dress seems to be a trend. A few delegates have even done a bright color blazer over top of a black dress to make it stand out. These fashion trends of KYA can show how teenagers input their style into business wear.