Security Council Crisis

Kentucky YMCA Media Corps
1 min readMar 18, 2022

By Rebecca Biggs, media delegate

The security council got information that a Russian Foreign Minister is missing. There is blood at the scene on his car in Ukraine. Russia believes that Ukraine is guilty for the missing Russian. But China might just turn the tables.

Russia’s Viewpoint: “Russia is planning an internal investigation regarding the disappearance of our Foreign Minister and working on our plan to determine who is responsible and what their punishment will be (Russia Security Council Members at 1:45).”

China’s Viewpoint: “China has intel that the United States of America is involved with the crisis and we are just trying to get to the bottom of it, no matter what it takes (China Security Council Members at 1:46).”

Ukraine’s Viewpoint: “This entire thing is from foreign interference and Ukraine had nothing to do with this, this is all a movement to slander Ukraine’s name (Ukraine Security Council at 1:47).”

United States’ Viewpoint: “The United States has leads on the Russian crisis and the ongoing events between Russia and Ukraine. It is a very private matter right now and we can not discuss too much on it (United States Security Council Members at 2:48).”

Is the United States part of the missing Foreign Minister, they seem to be hiding something? The crisis was tabled for today, I guess we will find out tomorrow the results.