Q&A with the Candidates

Kentucky YMCA Media Corps
3 min readMar 17, 2022

By Emerson Harned, assistant editor

This year’s High School KUNA 2 candidates for Presiding Officer each have a unique perspective of the conference. Here’s a Q&A with each of the candidates.

What are your platforms?

Ava Borchers: Ending child labor, gender equality, and big data for sustainability

Alessandra Dellinger: Sustainable cities and communities industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Emma Gillespie: Sustainable water and sanitation, responsible production and consumption, and ensuring quality and non discriminatory education

Annie Bentley: Genetic disease research and awareness, ending the water crisis, and indigenous/native displacement relief

Brendan Stanley: Gender equality, international peace, and climate change

Why did you decide to run?

Ava Borchers: I decided to run after I fell in love with the conference in the fifth grade at my very first KUNA. Being a presiding officer would be a great way to share my passion for advocacy and diplomacy.

Alessandra Dellinger: I have been wanting to run for P.O. Since seventh grade, and that is why I wanted to run this year!

Emma Gillespie: I’ve always wanted to run, but had kind of thought it was impossible. However, after I made a few friends at KYA I realized how feasible it was.

Annie Bentley: I decided to run because I’m passionate about my opinions and I want to raise awareness for topics people may not know a lot about. I had a lot of support from my friends to run and the rest is history.

Brendan Stanley: I decided to run because I saw the bond the P.O. teams have shared in the past and I wanted to be a part of that.

What is your favorite snack to bring to KUNA?

Ava Borchers: You’ll never find me at a KUNA conference without Swedish fish!

Alessandra Dellinger: My favorite snack to bring to KUNA is cereal bars.

Emma Gillespie: Welch’s fruit snacks!

Annie Bentley: My favorite Y snacks are hot Cheetos and Ale 8.

Brendan Stanley: My favorite KUNA snack has to be brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts.

What is your favorite part about KUNA?

Ava Borchers: My favorite part about KUNA is hearing everyone’s resolutions. They never fail to bring me hope for the next generation of problem solvers.

Alessandra Dellinger: My favorite part about KUNA is the first night. I love seeing the Parade of Nations, World Expo, and International Stage.

Emma Gillespie: Pro-con debate! And socializing! I love talking to people.

Annie Bentley: My favorite part is the people. I know, basic, but it honestly is. The energy of KUNA is something that I love.

Brendan Stanley: My favorite part would be the Y songs.

What are you most excited for?

Ava Borchers: I’m most excited to learn about all of the unique cultures at the global expo.

Alessandra Dellinger: I’m most excited for debate to start. I am so excited to hear what everyone has to say.

Emma Gillespie: I am so excited for debate tomorrow and giving our speeches.

Who is your favorite music artist?

Ava Borchers: I love all kinds of music and picking a favorite feels impossible but Phoebe Bridgers is definitely up there!

Alessandra Dellinger: My favorite artist is Phoebe Bridgers.

Emma Gillespie: I love the Oh Hellos.

Annie Bentley: Will Wood is definitely my favorite artist. The combination of ska and his poetic lyrics is something that just scratches my brain in a good way.

Brendan Stanley: My favorite musical artist is probably Earl Sweatshirt.