HS 3 Opening Session

By Kennedy Slayton

KYA HS 3 now has the green light! Our opening session began with some chatting and a few announcements. We then met our Presiding Officers for the conference: Governor Omar Abd-Elhamid, Speaker of the Commonwealth House Chloe Jones, President of the Commonwealth Senate Justin Mink, Secretary of State Ian Simpson, Chief Justice Bobby Lowther, Attorney General Haley Comstock, Secretary of the Cabinet Kellen Blandford, Editor-in-Chief Darrell Liwanag, Lt. Governor Bailey Bullock, Speaker of the Bluegrass House Caden Lucas, and President of the Senate Ashley Armstrong. We then heard our Governor Omar Abd-Elhamid’s opening address kicking off the conference.

Our Bluegrass candidates for presiding office of next year’s conference were then announced: Ally Napier, Ella Bussell, Hayden Sturgeon, Josie York, and Livi Ray. We then met the Commonwealth candidates: Arden Ensor, Chaney Garrison, Kauner Shacklette, Leah Hibbitts, Lily York, and Molly Craig. After meeting the candidates, Speaker of the Commonwealth House, Chloe Jones, read the names of Supporting Officers for the conference. After this, students were released to committees and specialized meetings.



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