A Recap of the Instagram Live with our Secretary-General

Lia Anderson

During KUNA day 1, our Editor in Chief Bethany Houchin and Secretary-General Levy Deckard talked over Instagram Live. A few people asked Levy what advice he would give to people starting out at the Y and he said it was important to stand out. He said to take risks because your classmates will be easy on you if you make a mistake. He also said that speaking up during a debate gets easier every time you do it. You also learn to advocate for yourself and for topics you are passionate about. It is a great time to learn how to use your voice. Secretary-General Deckard was asked how the Y has affected his views on political leaders and the UN itself. He said that the Y has expanded his worldview beyond the United States. He is now knowledgeable about many other worldwide issues that he hadn’t thought about before. He also said that he does plan on continuing advocacy after KUNA. He wants to become a diplomat with eyes towards eventually working for the UN. This year Levy Deckard hopes to gain a few things from this KUNA. He wants to be more comfortable with public speaking, but also become more knowledgeable about international problems and policy. KUNA’s biggest impact on the Secretary-General was it gave him a career path he wants to pursue in the future. His favorite part of the conference is the people who attend. He has made many friends and learned a lot over the years from the people there.

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