5 Steps to Become a Successful Y-Kid

Kentucky YMCA Media Corps
1 min readDec 6, 2021


By: Alivia Shepherd

. 1. Dress the part

There is an old saying that if you dress the part, you’ll behave and act the part. KYA is the perfect time to get used to wearing and styling business clothes, seeing that this is what most of you will be expected to wear in your workplaces.

2. Go to the meetings

If you don’t go to your meetings you won’t understand what is happening. You won’t be familiar with your delegates. This is also the time to find what you will be passionate about and to have your voice heard.

3. When you don’t understand, ask questions

If you are confused about what something means, look it up in your Kentucky Youth Assembly book. If you cannot find out what it is or what it means, ask a fellow delegate or advisor. If they do not understand, then go ask a presiding officer or Y-club staff member. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

4. Interact and participate

If you don’t interact or participate, your voice will not be heard. What is the point of KYA, to use your voice for the commonwealth of Kentucky. If you don’t participate, you will not become a successful Y-Kid.

5. Have fun

The most important part of this conference is to have fun. Make new friends, try something new and build connections.